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Audit & Assurance

Audit and assurance work under all types of statutory obligations as well as internal management control requirements are carried by us. Audit is a statutory requirement under various acts as well as it is also required by the management to get assured regarding their internal control as well as validity of the data they are relying upon. Various structured audits can be conducted to provide assurance for decision making.

Various types of assignments handled are:
  • Audit under Companies act
  • Audit under other acts like Co.operative socities and Trusts.
  • Audit under Tax laws like Income tax act and GST act
  • Due Deligence audit
  • Internal and concurrent Audits
  • Investigative audits
  • Audit of banks like Statutory, Internal, Concurrent, Revenue, Migration, System audits.
  • Stock Audits, Capital goods audit, Requisition audits
  • Certifications for various purposes
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