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Chart & Tables

TDS Rates

The term ‘TDS’ refers to ‘Tax Deduction at source’. It is a mechanism wherein a person responsible to pay a sum of specified nature shall deduct an amount towards TDS and pay it to the credit of Central Government. Various TDS rates on various incomes have been prescribed under the Income-tax Act. This write up covers all such rates.

​Tax Rates

Different tax rates have been provided for various categories of taxpayers and for different sources of income. Individuals/HUFs/AOP/BOI are taxed as per the different slab rates. However, companies are taxed at fixed rate, except for certain specified incomes. This write-up will provide you the information on tax rates applicable to various taxpayers.

Cost Inflation Index

Indexation benefit is available for calculating Gains arising on transfer of Long Term Capital Assets. The chart contains all the notified cost inflation indices for calculation of Capital Gains